Get The Drift And Bag It!
Get The Drift And Bag It!

Welcome to Hawaii's "Get The Drift And Bag It!"

ICC & Site Cleanup Data collected throughout the year!

Cleanup Contacts


  • Hawai'i State: Chris Woolaway-(808) 753-3311; Robin Bond-(808) 224-5522
  • Maui County: Malama Maui Nui-(808) 877-2524 ; Kalaupapa: KKSB- (808)  567-6802x1304
  • Hawaii Island: Keep Puako Beautiful-(808) 731-6630; KHIB-(808) 753-3311
  • Kahoolawe: KIRC-(808) 243-5889
  • Kauai: KHIB & The Friends of Kamalani and Lydgate Park-Tommy Noyes-(808) 639-1018
  • Oahu & NWHI: (808) 753-3311; (808) 224-5522

Make A Difference



Trash is one of the most visible and most prolific threats facing our ocean today; it’s also one of the most preventable.    

· Globally every year, millions of tons of trash—including an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic waste—flows into the ocean, entangling wildlife, polluting beaches, and costing coastal municipalities hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

· At least 80 percent of ocean plastic originates from land-based sources. 

Take Care of Our Environment & Change Behavior



•Give people something they can do

•Give people something they can feel good about

•Publicize the successes


OC-DataCards_coord (pdf)


OC-DataCards_volunteer (pdf)


2018 ICC REPORT_Final (pdf)


OC-Clean Swell Poster-form (1) (pdf)


The International Coastal Cleanup-Hawai'i's "Get The Drift & Bag It!"

The State of Hawai'i has participated in the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC)  since 1988.  This statewide volunteer program is overseen by Keep the Hawaiian Islands Beautiful.  The global ICC effort is coordinated by the Ocean Conservancy. 

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